Gorgeous Work is the philosophy that drives our solutions and our approach. Whenever we say Gorgeous this is what we mean:

Get the basics right. We know we have succeeded when we hear ‘we love this’. Beautifully planned and defined solutions that get the important things right.

Time and budget. These simple measures ensure the right momentum and resource, the keys to avoiding bloat and complexity.

Right people right place. Exciting things happen when small collaborative teams of smart people are empowered to do great work.

Outcome focused. Process is only there to deliver outcomes. Starting with the why and creating strategy that delivers. Removing process for process sake.

Accountability and responsibility. Doing whatever it takes to deliver what was promised, a simple solution and the right outcome.



I adored working with Lisajane, or as we called her LJ! She was fiercely passionate about her customers, always up for a challenge and loved learning and doing new things to find success for her partners. I would work with GORGEOUS again in a heartbeat. You will not find a wittier, more driven person to work with!



Strategy & Planning

We conceptualise and design success led activations that are aligned with your brand strategy and marketing objectives.

Content Creation

High-quality and authentic content is key – which is why we help craft it with influencers, aligned to their natural passion points, to ensure organic engagement.

Public Relations

Social and Press influence can build brands with strong consumer and mutual value.

We deploy a range of paid and PR solutions that fit your brand needs.

Product Development

Why brands work with us

We have nearly twenty years experience in affiliate and partner marketing, and have a proven track record to delivering outstanding client results. 

Influencer Marketing

Influence is at its most powerful when in true partnership.  We help brands transform
sales through partnerships.

Social Media Management

We can provide social strategy, social amplification and community management designed around influence.e aligned with your brand strategy and marketing objectives.

Gorgeous Work Creative Brand Marketing Agency