At some point in life, most people have experienced the support of a person that brought the best out of him or her. These people shaped your thinking and motivated you to move towards your dreams. Often these people showed up by chance, and they may not even know how much of an impact they have had in your life because probably you never told them so. But, what if instead of relying upon chance, that you could on-demand call up an extraordinary person like this to guide you to take the right steps to help you reach your utmost potential.

Is this you? 

You’re not getting the results you want from your business sales, marketing and/or PR. You have heady dreams of being in print or increasing your sales which are huge business goals but have no idea how to reach them. You’ve tried more routes to markets and agencies than you dare to count. You’re frustrated and may feel that you do everything yourself with little or no support.

Coach or consultant?

​Do you have a vision of where you want your business to go but don't have the strategy to go with it?  This is where I can help you as your business or brand coach or consultant - which one you choose is up to you!

I have advised hundreds of startups, professionals, business owners and corporate executives in every aspect of business development & marketing. You can talk to me about your brand sales goals, marketing strategy and plan, objectives, products / services and pricing. I am often asked about the most effective promotional and development mix for a particular type of business. I can either tell you as a coach or tell you and show you how as your business & marketing consultant.

As a coach I can work with you to show you how you can add various growth strategies to your business. A marketing coach primarily acts as a teacher. The coach will meet with you and discuss your business style. From there, the marketing coach will help you develop a marketing strategy tailored to your type of business and your individual needs. He may also conduct training with your marketing team or managers to teach everyone how to execute the strategy. Once the marketing plan is in place, you will need to execute the plan yourself.

A marketing consultant also works with you to devise a marketing plan for your business, but a consultant does the majority of the work himself. A consultant will often stay with your business for a long period of time, and will execute most of the marketing work himself. For example, a consultant may purchase ad space for your business or build a website. You can provide input, but you will not have to do much of the actual marketing yourself.

How do you decide?  

A marketing & business coach is an ideal situation if you only need guidance. Coaches may cost less than consultants, since a coach spends less time working with you, but you will need to do the work yourself, which can mean paying a marketing team in-house. If you do not have the time to invest into doing your own marketing, a marketing consultant may work better for you. Since the marketing consultant does more of the actual work it may cost more, but will free up your time for other business.

Book in for a call and a chinwag with me to help you decide.

Free Discovery Call - 15 minutes with me, Lisajane, on

If you already know how you would like to work with me then please go ahead and book one of my packages below.

I cannot wait to work with you.

Lisajane x

Business Power Up - £349

Utilising the brilliant technique of doing just 1 thing, yes seriously, I welcome you to a 90 minute call with me where we will:

  • Create 90 day plan for the next quarter and get support and ideas on how you can make it happen. cut through the clutter

  • achieve better results in less time

  • build momentum toward your goals and dialling down the stress

  • overcome that overwhelmed feeling 

  • revive your energy and your mindset

  • stay on track and master what matters to you and your business

I’ll send you my Pre Call Briefing form where I delve deep into your business, asking the questions I need to get inside your business and your head. This also helps you to dig deep and completely understand what you want for yourself and your business and also understand what may be stopping you from getting it.

1/2 Day Power Ups (London/Kent/Surrey) - £899

  1. Create a business, marketing or PR strategy and action plan for your business

  2. Create an implementation plan using tried and tested systems

  3. Map out a new campaigns or program, along with the road map you need to get there.

These strategies are completely bespoke to you! Nothing generic, just targeted advice on building YOUR brand, gaining more exposure and ultimately sales.

You’ll go away with a clear strategy to take your business forward, armed with everything you need to implement it.  Of course, lunch and refreshments throughout the half day are included and you’ll leave with a detailed strategy and customised action plan so you can implement everything created in the day as soon as you get home.

Let me know if you want to spend the day in a luxury spa and I will make it so!

Monthly Coaching or Quarterly Calls - £249 * - £1,200 **


Many of our clients, don’t need us full time but like to be able to check in with us regularly to bounce ideas around, get feedback on a campaign plan, press release or blog or to talk through what’s working and the challenges they face.

It can be lonely at times and an injection of support, expert opinion, fresh ideas and reassurance can reignite your confidence to continue to fight the good fight and stay on track for success.

On your 90 minute coaching call we’ll help with whatever you like – your overall strategy or the little details – it’s up to you how you use the time. We can help you rewrite articles, design e-shots, analyse your campaign data or raid our little black book for useful contacts. We are on your team and we are here to add value with every minute of that call.

Teeny terms: * 4 calls  ** 12 calls - payable in advance.

VIP coaching days also include a follow up coaching session, usually taken 2 weeks afterwards, and many clients choose to move to monthly coaching or consultancy afterwards for the all the benefits of ongoing support and accountability to keep that momentum going.

VIP Coaching Days - £1,989 (in London or plus travel & accommodation)

At a beautiful and inspirational location, you’re going to be immersed in an intensive coaching experience – a distraction-free, high-energy day of transformation.

On the day we're going to tackle your biggest business goals, fleshing out the strategy that's going to get you there and identifying any potential road blocks. You're going to leave our time together with more clarity than ever, and confidence in yourself to make your plans a reality. Importantly, you're going to be leaving with a clear action plan.

Some clients love the pace of a city day to inspire more creativity, whilst others prefer getting away to the country – either way, this day is about YOU and I'll guide you through the best work you’ve ever done on your business. The coaching day can be extended into a 2 day trip by request.

Before the day itself, you’ll receive an online 1:1 strategy session with me to share your goals and vision and based on your objectives, you’ll undertake some prep work to complete before we meet for your coaching day. This means we can hit the ground running having already started the process of momentum.

Of course, all meals and refreshments throughout the day are included and you’ll leave with a detailed strategy and customised action plan so you can implement everything created in the day as soon as you get home.

I only take a limited number of strategy days each month, so get in touch soon. Please ensure you’re comfortable with the pricing before applying.

Work with me!

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