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It's a really busy time here at Gorgeous Work and we got the heads up today from our sister company Beauty PR Club about another TV show who had approached them about making our clients STARS!

They call all the time and so do the glossy mags as you will see from our almost daily alerts! We want London's best-kept secret. Could this be you? You might be a salon, hotel, spa, clinic, dentist, doctor, restaurant or bar......

This international show is coming to London and are looking for businesses of all types (based in London) who are 'special'!

They or you may offer the best service, they may offer the only service or product of its type, they may be unique in some other way or So LONDON that it hurts - do you know this brand or person? Is it you?

We have put forward 2 medics, an awesome barber and our favourite beauty brand so far and that is just for this one opportunity. Not to mention the 11 press alerts we have had today from your favourite publications looking for the next best thing in your industry.

Beauty PR Club will create a winning press release for you (unless you have an outstanding one already) and put you forward on our Little Pink Book Option which also means that you get to stay on our books and not miss any opportunities for 12 whole months! Yes 12 whole long months with 2 pro PR teams having your back.

Get in touch with us today and tell us why you should be put in the frame to become a legend in your own lunchtime! Email right this minute and we can tell you more about getting into that Little Pink Book of ours. Come on!

Your own brand PR for just £35* pcm, we are mad to do it for that price and you would be crazy not to get involved.

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