Are you struggling to convert your social following into paying clients?

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Every day we hear from our clients and subscribers about the struggle when it comes to working in their business on the services in which they are highly skilled and often highly trained versus working on their business doing things like marketing and PR for which they have had little or no training in!

This question or problem came in via our Instagram feed last month:

”I’m a cosmetic and beauty clinic owner and I have tried to use PR and Facebook Ads to promote my business but I'm struggling to convert my social following and website traffic into purchasing clients and customers.”

Here we need to understand the barriers to purchasing. PR is not just about getting into the local or national press it is also about your content, copywriting and about communications.

Your website is a communication platform and the place where people come to take a look at who you are, what you are doing and to decide if and when they want to work with you.


  • Is it clear enough?

  • Does it convey your key messages?

  • Does it communicate the value and quality of your offering?

  • Can you display the transformation or results, for the person looking, that your business can offer?

You need to get really objective at this stage as if you are building a following and getting traffic to your website, the weak link is somewhere within your website be it your communication or your systems.

PR can help convey your messaging clearly and strongly as well as allowing you to explore and gather feedback from those are connecting with you and are following with you but aren’t purchasing.

It’s a PR professional’s job to know and even predict the latest trends across the spectrum of industries. This presents an opportunity for our PR agency to work with our creative and marketing teams for ideas on fresh content marketing ideas.

Content marketing and marketers can provide insights to PR teams on specific and niche market or consumer trends and insights. It’s a win-win.

Are you simply not sure why your customers are not converting or how to get more exposure?

Whether you are seeking regular marketing support through content, blogs and newsletters or a 'done for you' short or long-term social media, marketing or PR campaign Gorgeous Work are here to help.

Our experienced and passionate team, quality service, original ideas and valuable contacts are able to expertly position you and your brand in your Beauty, Health, Wellness and Lifestyle marketing and PR campaigns.

Why not jump on a free discovery call with me, Lisajane Davies, Founder of Beauty PR Club and Gorgeous Work to get my take on things. Click Here

Lisajane x

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