Picasso and the Paper napkin

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

by Lisajane Davies

CEO & Founder of Gorgeous Work and Beauty PR Club

Noted developer of businesses and brands plus visionary and helper of many!

Sometimes you need to just sit down and think about what you really really want and then set about making that happen. Imagine if you couldn't fail, what then?

I was listening (again) to a fabulous book called I'm Worth More (go buy it now!) by Rob Moore (think Mel Robbins but a guy, tall as a house, with a ginger beard) and he recounted the story of Picasso and the Napkin.

It made me think about the almost 30 years of experience I have had 'working' and learning, winning and not so much. Also lamenting on why it appears that I find difficult tasks easy where some, especially my clients, admit that they struggle.

That said if you asked me how to administer surgery or even spell separate, on a bad day, without having to remember A RAT, then I would struggle....... I am dyslexic and still run two companies, am a publisher, journalist and a hugely prolific creator of content. Go figure!

My first job was selling cars! Back in the 90's, when women did not sell cars, when I HAD to wear a skirt (not allowed to wear trousers) no matter what the season was.

I was their top salesman (there was not saleswoman back then).

I sold the most Motorbility cars in the UK in 1990 and 1991.

I always wanted to help people, even back then.

I was always Top Sales Person.

I was not able to go to university as planned ( I smashed a post grad out of the park with a Dip Hons in 2000) as my Dad had committed suicide the year before, all things education and normal living seemed to have stopped.

But I still needed to work, I needed money, I needed a job but not any old boring job.

I went and got a job selling cars. Because I liked cars, because I had Lamborghini posters instead of Wham on my bedroom wall and wanted one without having to buy one.

I made that happen.


I sat down and thought of how I could possibly have a brand new Renault 5 Turbo (this care is so back in the day that you may have to Google it) company car and drive brand new cars all the time when I was only just 18. I did it.

This also made me think of the time that I could not wait to leave home and got a job selling timeshare for the summer at just 16, in SPAIN!

Or the time that I wanted a job where I could also have a dog. And got a pub but those are whole other stories!

Back to the napkin.......

Picasso was sitting in a cafe and a fan of his asked him to draw a picture on a napkin for him, which he did. He was just about to hand over the napkin when he asked for a rather substantial fee for the napkin.

Horrified, the fan said it had only taken him a few minutes to do it and asked how could he possibly ask that much for a napkin.

Picasso agreed with the fan that he did it very fast but he was charging for his 40 years of practice, knowledge and experience. He knew that he was worth it!

**written from memory so apologies if I made some of that up but you get the picture now.

I guess the point of this post is to remind you to never forget your worth, how it came about, celebrate you successes and learn from mistakes but always know that You Are Worth More.

Well I think so!


You can get in touch with me and I will paint you a napkin by email at hello@gorgeouswork.co.uk #winning #worthit



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