Stop your social media struggle in its tracks

Are you struggling to make your social media simple?  

Social media is one of those areas of business where you need to constantly feed the machine. It can seem endless and well, it is if you plan to grow a business. So we are sharing our 7 best Gorgeous tips for keeping social media simple.

When I took the plunge and went self employed over 6 years ago now, I was used to having a team to do my marketing, my social media, my advertising and I even had a sales team of 19 selling my products with me. Globally!

The learning curve to getting social media right for myself and my clients has been a steep one and sometimes we are so busy looking after our customers that we forget about ourselves but we are still winning and want to help you to create your own winning strategies too across the whole of your business.

Let's jump right into it!

Gorgeous Tip #1 – You don’t have to be on every platform. I personally suggest picking one or two platforms that you know your ideal client is on. Once you’re able to get consistent about creating content for those platforms and engaging with your audience, then you can add another layer of content.

Gorgeous Tip #2 – Separate the work of creating content into writing, picking pictures, and then scheduling. Rather than writing copy for one post, picking a picture, and then scheduling before starting on the next day, write all the copy for all your month's posts at once. When you’re done with that, pick the pictures for all posts at the same time. Lastly, go in and schedule! Creating social media this way will streamline the process and make it much faster in the long run.

Gorgeous Tip #3 – Start thinking terms of macro content. Macro content is longer form content, like Facebook Lives, podcasts, or Youtube videos that give lots of value to your audience. Macro content has a really long lifespan and can last for days, months, and years. You’ll be taking this macro content and turning it into micro-content in the long run!

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Gorgeous Tip #4 – Create content buckets for your social media. For example, Wisdom Wednesday, Taco Tuesday, or Motivation Monday. You should have content buckets in your business, whether that be long-form content, calls to action or value driven posts.

Gorgeous Tip #5 – Understand that micro-content is really important. Showing up consistently on social media is going to change the game for you, especially if you get hyper-consistent about making sure you are actively posting on social media.

Gorgeous Tip #6 – Fill your content buckets all at once! Create 30 days worth of content at one specific time, so that you can mass create each of your content buckets. It’s much simpler to create 4 “Wisdom Wednesday” posts at once then it is to try and create them individually.

Gorgeous Tip #7 – Make sure you get a branded photoshoot done. It doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, and there are many wedding photographers that are happy to do lifestyle photos during the week (for only a few hundred dollars). This will give you plenty of pictures to choose from when creating content.  

Overall, social media is important to the success of your business as a whole. These tips can help you to have a strong online presence without spending a ton of time creating content.  It’s all about getting consistent in a way that will appeal to your ideal client!

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