The Gorgeous 30-minute business mapping exercise

Every business has a story. From a sole trader to a multinational, it’s just that people don’t know what they are or where to find them. Whether you are looking to boost your brand content, create more success marketing or to formulate that winning press 'angle' then this super effective exercise is for you.

The 30-minute business mapping exercise

To get a handle on where your news is hidden in your organisation you need to take 30 minutes – no more at this stage – to map all areas of your business, from customers right back to your suppliers, partners and investors.

To get started, follow these steps.

There are 5 key areas to look at:

1. Company structure (financing, partners, branding, business model, investors)

2. Team (founders and staff) – who are they?

3. Daily operations and activities – what’s your business currently doing?

4. Your core value proposition – what product do you offer/make/service do you provide? What are you selling?

5. Your customers – what’s their story, what impact do you have on them, what are your relationships with them? 

Who is your ideal client and why?

How do they show up?

What is special about them or how they find you?

This simple activity will give you more than enough information to start to identify the different elements of your business and what newsworthy stories they contain.

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Here are 3 easy steps to help you uncover your story:

1) Step Back

At this point, you need to pull back and attempt to see your business with fresh eyes. Think from your audience’s point of view, as a new customer or client, and consider what they might find interesting and what stories they would want to hear.

It’s helpful to ask a friend to give you their outside thoughts and feelings, this will bring an external point of view to the exercise.

Once you do, you’ll see there are more interesting things about you and your business than you realise. Things that you think are ordinary, or that everybody else is doing, might be more unique than you think and will be of interest to others.

2) Step Up

Now is not the time for you or your team to be humble. Now is the time to be bold and tell your personal story, or the story of your team members, with pride.

Of course, you must stick to the facts and avoid exaggeration, but don’t be afraid to be noticed. When you find the right story, it will be of interest to your customers.

If they like your product, if they are fans of your brand then the chances are they will want to know more about you. And, if told in a media-friendly way, it’s likely that the magazines, newspapers or websites that they read will too.

3) Step Change

When stories involve behaviour change or have an impact on people’s lives, they become much more newsworthy.

Take 10 minutes to answer these 3 questions:

How does your product or business change or improve your customers' lives? How does it make their lives easier, safer, healthier, or better?What are you disrupting and what impact are you affecting?

Follow these simple steps and you’ll get a list of newsworthy stories about your business that the media will love.

Now grab a coffee, take 30 minutes and get to it.


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