When you still haven't found what you're looking for

Finding someone to help you with your business can be really time consuming and confusing especially if you are officially 'mind blown' about who or the type of company you are looking for.

Are you struggling with marketing and sales development and looking for help but confused with the plethora of people all of whom are telling that they offer the best solutions? Here is a few tips and pointers about asking the right questions to find the right people to help you (we do it all by the way but #justsaying)

When looking for help promoting your products, services, or platform, you’ll come across several titles with blurred lines between them. Freelancer, agency, and consultant fall into this realm.

There seems to be a bit of a grey area between each of these. And, you need to understand the services and results you can expect from each of them. So, what can Gorgeous Work as your marketing consultants do?

Situational Analysis/ Audits

A general analysis of your current situation might help you hone your goals or give you insights about where you stand concerning current best practices; this may happen before you even hire a consultant, as part of the proposal process, and will reoccur if you work together long-term.

Competitive Analysis

A look into the relevant metrics, behaviours, and strategies used by competitors as well as where you rank amongst them; this should happen while creating your strategy and long-term consultants might continually monitor the competition.

​Customer Analysis

A look at the behaviour patterns, location, and buying habits of your consumers. If relevant to your goals, a consultant might help you create detailed customer personas; these tasks might happen before or during strategy creation.

Marketing Strategy

A consultant can, in addition, devise a targeted marketing strategy for you to help you reach your marketing goals. A strategy should include goals, analyses, and a detailed plan.

Detailed Reporting

depending on your goals, a consultant may also provide you with reports. These might include info about your situation, competition, customers, or the results of the strategy implemented.

Strategy implementation

From logo and advertisement design to content creation, a consultant can help you meet your objectives through the execution of your strategy.

What is your marketing strategy for the next 3 to 6 months?

Do you want to know the top 3 tips to simplify your marketing strategy?

All you need to do to get started is to answer these three questions for your business:

1. ​Why do you do what you do?

2. Who do you do it for?

3. What do you do that’s both unique and remarkable?

Please share your answers by email if you would like one of our Free Marketing Strategy Audits for your business to hello@gorgeouswork.com. Or why not a book a call so that we can answer these questions together. Find our more here on our website https://www.gorgeouswork.co.uk/content-and-marketing



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