you go on holiday but not your content should stay!

I was chatting to a friend yesterday and suggested that we meet up to talk about work. She said that she could not do anything until September because it was school holidays. I just call this month August!

My friend however, is in the majority, a parent and especially in the creative and PR industries so what do time poor but content rich business owners do this time of year?

I saw a few of these tips on a post on a friends forum and I think it shines the light on some valuable things to focus on:

1. Don’t start from behind

If you’re creating content on-the-fly or on a just-in-time basis (i.e. the night before), then you’re going to hit a bottleneck when it comes to needing 7 or more days’ content in one go. It’s always a good idea to sit down and batch your content weekly and try to get two weeks ahead (which means you always have at least 2 week’s content in hand). This way you won’t have to spend any extra time creating content in those frantic few days before you go away (but of course you’ll have to start from scratch again when you get back).

2. Post less frequently

When it comes to content, the two main things are quality and consistency. However, if you generally create a lot of content, this might be hard to keep up with if you’re going to be out of the office for a couple of weeks. But don’t worry - it’s not going to be harmful if, every now and again, you pull back on the volume of content you put out. For example, if you usually post on Instagram twice a day, post just once a day instead, or post every other day on Facebook instead of every day. You could make your newsletter a little shorter than usual – but don’t feel the need to apologise “sorry this is shorter than usual” or tell people that you’re on holiday, just continue to deliver the value that your audience expects.

3. Don’t post things that need engagement from you (or that are controversial)

This advice goes slightly against what I’d usually suggest as, usually, you should be looking for your content (social media posts in particular) to actively engage your audience. However, if you’re on holiday, you’re probably not going to be wanting to be spending the time you should be spending having fun in the sun and drinking cocktails, replying to someone’s comment on your Instagram post (because replying to comments, especially when you’ve invited comments, is essential for great engagement, not to mention, just good manners). Plus, great internet connection isn't always guaranteed when you're abroad. Similarly, if you post something that you know will be controversial, you need to be there to get involved in the conversation and defend your position if necessary.

4. Plan throughout the year

I have a folder on my computer that’s stuffed full of completely on-brand rights-free stock photos so that I can just dive in and find one that works for the content I want to post. I also have a folder on my phone dedicated to post and blog ideas that I add to every time I have a light bulb moment. This means that when it comes to creating content for my business, I always have something in my back pocket, ready to go when I’m struggling for inspiration.

5. Cover your posts for the first couple of days back

Those first couple of days back in the office after some time off are always chock-full of catching up with emails and getting your head back into work-mode. Don’t add content production to your to-do list as well. When you’re planning ahead and creating the content for while you’re away, add another couple of days on so that you can ease yourself back into work when you get back (after all, that laundry isn’t going to do itself!!) If you have any tips that you would like to share please do get in touch!


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